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Ayesha Antoine

I have the pleasure to be working with the talented Ayesha Antoine, to help her build-up and establish her digital presence. Together we’re bringing to life a portfolio website that showcases her work while making her sparkling personality shine through. The goal is to encourage visitors to follow the Ayesha’s work and/or engage them to contact her agents for work opportunities.

Ayesha Antoine is a London-based Black British actress with roots in Dominica, Grenada and Wales. She has been creating and performing on screen and international stages for over 25 years.

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Ayesha Antoine



The site is composed of 5 sections: 

AYESHA : Presenting Ayesha’s bio 

RECENT WORK : Section highlighting the latest acting reel, audio reel and some of the most recent projects.  

BODY OF WORK : A selection of projects that Ayesha has worked on during her years in the profession. It is possible to browse through different periods which list her work as an actress (TV and film), comedian, voice-over artist and writer.

PRESS : Highlights awards Ayesha has received and press articles Ayesha was mentioned in.

CONTACT : A section dedicated to Ayesha’s agents’ contact details.


Showcasing the following sections: RECENT WORK, BODY OF WORK & PRESS. Discover more, here