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Dr. Panda TotoTime

I’ve built Dr. Panda’s cartoon Dr. Panda TotoTime presence on Youtube and helped the brand reach their audience through SEO tactics and adwords campaigns.

Dr. Panda TotoTime is an official Dr. Panda Kids Cartoon Show that encourages kids of 3-8 years old to develop educational values and skills that will help them learn more about the world. Dr. Panda is an award-wining franchise that developed more than 30 fun and easy-to-play apps that go beyond the ABCs and 1, 2, 3s to provide important life skills that help children get familiar with the world around them.


Dr. Panda


2017 – Today


my role
thriving channel

Through continuous optimisation to the channel during the last 3 years, we have built a thriving kids oriented Youtube channel of over 200k subscribers, generating over 10M organic views on a monthly basis. And, we’re always working to further improve the channel’s performance.

first-page ranking on YouTube

Via optimisation of keywords placements and use of SEO tactics, the videos now achieve top ranking positions for the brand’s most relevant keywords and other high competition keywords. 

kids learning cartoon - YouTube results
Optimised call-to-action

We implemented ingenuous call-to-action to incite viewers to subscribe to the channel, share the videos and search for more content.